Tired of getting stuck in traffic? Georgia Tech is conducting a research study to understand the impact of smartphone navigation apps, like Google Maps® and Waze, on congestion in Atlanta. Help us unravel the mysteries of social media interactions with traffic congestion by participating in our study and uploading your Google® location data here. Applicable participants will receive a $30 Amazon gift card code!

Participation Criteria

I am above 18
I regularly drive a car (at least twice a week)
My primary phone is an android phone
I use my android smartphone for vehicle navigation
I have "Google location services" turned on
My primary residence is in Metro Atlanta (Georgia)
I am not currently in an EU Country.

Please Note:You need to satisfy all of the above criteria to proceed with the data submission for this research study.

While it is possible to complete this task on a mobile device, it is considerably easier to complete it on a computer.

You will receive a $30 gift card via email on successful submission of the data. For this study, we need data from active users of the Metro Atlanta roadway network. We are required to limit sending gift cards only to donors providing such data (in order to obtain data relevant to the project). This study is enrolling up to 80 participants.

Consent Form


I have read and agree to the Consent Form

Setup Steps

The submission of data requires the download of data from Google takeout first, followed by upload of several files to the GT server. Please make sure you follow the instructions on this page carefully to ensure that the submission goes smoothly in the next page.

Test Pop-up and Multiple Tab Opening Permissions
This site needs pop-up enabled to work. Click the button below to confirm if two new windows or tabs open. If two new windows/tabs open, you are all set. Close off the two popup windows/tabs and come back to this page for the next step. If only one window/tab opens, or no additional windows/tabs opens, please click the icons below, based on the browser you are using, and follow the instructions (unless you already know how to unblock popups for a site). Thank you for your patience.

Pop-up settings instructions for :

Google Login
Click the Login to Google Takeout button to open a new window that will prompt you to login to your google account that you use on your android phone. If you are already logged in to a different google account on your browser, you will need to log off from that account (or switch account) and log in to the account associated with your android phone. Come back to this page once you have logged in.

Check Download settings
To ensure that we limit the data download to the 4 month period, we will need to download each day separately. This will result in the opening of 122 windows followed by the saving of 122 files. To avoid having to click and save each file individually, lets ensure that your browser is configured to save files automatically to your downloads folder [you can change the settings back later by reversing the steps].

Download settings instructions for :

Data Submission

Download data
Click the following button to download the location data for the months of March and April of 2017 and 2018 to your downloads folder.

Upload data
Once the download windows close, click the Choose Files button and select all the files with names like "history-2017-03-01.kml" to "history-2018-04-30.kml" and upload them to the secure Georgia Tech server.

Hint: To choose multiple files, click the first file, then hold down the shift key while clicking on the last file you want to select.

Select KML files to upload:
[Browse to your default download location, e.g. Downloads folder on windows]

Remember to provide your contact details on the next page for the $30 gift card